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Friday Faves

July 12, 2013

Friday-FavesIs anyone else feeling unbelievably excited for the weekend?!  Because I am.

After a week and a half of vacation, a full week of work, errands and catching up has been zero fun.  Even though I’ve had a crazy week, I’ve still managed to find plenty of things that make me smile .  With beautiful weather and very few obligations, I’m excited to make this weekend a great one!

Here are a few things I’ve been loving on this week:

1.  This mud mask has been a life saver for keeping my skin clear the past week.  Between lack of sleep, sweat from workouts/hot weather and unhealthy vacation eating, my skin has not been very happy with me.  This mask does a great job unclogging my pores, and it smells like strawberries! Nice!

2.  Mason Jar Tumbler filled with iced coffee and paired with some raspberries.  {I would just like to say that I have become a pro at making delicious iced coffee with my Keurig.}

3.  I finally got a Graze box!  I heard about this healthy snack subscription service about a month ago and started scouring the internet for an invite code {they only give one code to someone who is already subscribed, so these codes are hard to find}.  I finally found a code and subscribed right away!  For $5 you get four healthy snacks, and your first box is FREE!  I am in love already.

4.  A beautiful sunset from the week up at the cabin!  It was an amazing red moon, and I love looking at how pretty the lake looks!

Hope you all are as excited for the weekend as I am!


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