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Fall Nail Polish Trends – Part One

August 27, 2014


Fall is my favorite season, and I cannot believe how quickly it is approaching!  I take full advantage of the summer nail colors, and tend to gravitate towards neons and bright colors that look nice with a tan.  Now that it’s almost September, I’m ready to start the transition towards trends that reflect the cool weather, football season and changing leaves.  I am a huge fan of Essie polishes because of their excellent pigmentation, chip-resistance and fabulous color range (if you’re interested, check out how I store my polishes or my tips for a perfect manicure).  There are many polish trends for the upcoming season, but I’m starting with two easy trends for the transition to fall – dusty neutrals and jewel tones.



Neutral polishes are on trend all the time, but this fall dusty rose-toned polishes are perfection.  They are the perfect shades to transition your look to match the cooler weather.  These three shades from Essie are all different color ranges, but they all would make for perfect shades to take advantage of this trend.

  • Essie Fiji – “Luxuriate in opaque, creamy pastel pink polish. this über-girly nail color puts a pretty paradise at your beautifully manicured fingertips.”  This is a perfect shade for all year round, but it’s a perfect lighter shade for fall.  One of my favorite polishes of all time.
  • Essie Lady Like – “Etiquette, posture, protocol. Did we miss anything? Oh, yes, this elegant soft mauve nail lacquer. This dainty darling is just the thing for a proper manicure.”  A mauve is the epitome of fall, and this one truly embodies its name.  I featured it in a manicure here, and you can tell it’s just fabulous.
  • Essie Merino Cool – “Cutting edge glamour. Relentless beauty. This sensuous autumn mulberry nail polish is the very essence of style and the epitome of chic.” I mean what doesn’t scream fall than a polish described as a “sensuous autumn mulberry”?  It’s a perfect pick for those lovers of darker polish.

Fall-Nail-Polish-3JEWEL TONES

Jewel tones are rich and vibrant – just like fall.  I love these for a bold look that matches the cooler temps and changing leaves.  There are so many options for great jewel toned colors, but I’ve highlighted an emerald, sapphire and garnet color.  Changing up your polish to match the season is so much more fun when you have fabulous colors like this.

  • Essie Going Incognito – “Your identity may be secret, but your manicured style and panache are impossible to conceal with this deep emerald green nail lacquer.”  Seriously this is a perfect fall color, and would be fabulous for anyone looking to make a statement with their nails.
  • Essie No More Film – “Seductive deep violet lacquer accentuates the positive and eliminates the negatives. this darkly alluring, purple hue makes a striking alternative to black nail polish.”  I know once the weather gets colder people revert to black, but sometimes that can be a harsh polish color.  This is absolutely perfect for people looking for a dark, striking polish but wanting to stick with the jewel toned trend.
  • Essie Limited Addiction – “Supremely covetable, infinitely appealing. Too much is never enough with this intensely habit-forming garnet red nail lacquer.”  You can never go wrong with a red polish, and this one is perfectly vibrant.  It’s absolutely a must-have for those who are looking to supplement their neutrals and go for a rich bold red.

What polishes are you getting ready to use for fall?  Any colors I should be trying?  Let me know!

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