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The Best Apps For Beauty & Fashion Lovers

February 4, 2015


If you guys are like me, iPhone apps either never get used, or I’m addicted and can’t get enough.  Honestly, some of the apps on my phone get downloaded and never get opened again.  BUT I’m here to help you make your phone a heaven for you beauty and fashion lovers, with the best beauty and fashion apps for free!


Keep:  Put simply, Keep is a shoppable Pinterest. Can you think of anything better?! You can “keep” anything you find from the internet, and save all the items you’re drooling over in one place! The best part? You can buy everything in one checkout from all your favorite retailers – a bag from Nordstrom, lipgloss from Sephora and a romper from ShopBop can all go in your cart! SO DANGEROUS!

unnamedThe Good Guide:  Use the barcode scanner on any of your favorite beauty products, and The Good Guide will give you a rating from 1 – 10 on the environmental, health and social impact of the products.  For anyone who is interested in keeping things “green”, this is a great option to stay informed!


Cartwheel:  If you shop at Target {and if you don’t… WTF?!} then you need to download Cartwheel! Cartwheel compiles all of the current coupons for every item at Target into one place, and makes it one easy scan at checkout. If you’re buying things at Target, why not get a coupon straight from your phone?! No brainer!


Beautified:  This app is a procrastinator’s dream! For girls who need to schedule their pedicure, facial or massage in a hurry, Beautified has got ya covered. You can only schedule 48 hours or less in advance, and it’ll only show you places guaranteed to get you in last minute. PLUS, now they’ve added fitness classes to the mix! Score!


Trusper:  Trusper is like if Google, Reddit and Pinterest had a baby.  If you ever are wondering “How Do I ___?” then this app definitely has your answer.  “How do I unblur a picture?” or “How do I get my mascara to last all day?”… I’m telling you it’s got it all.  Quick tips, tricks or tutorials will answer all of your burning questions.

Okay, now fill me in on all your favorite apps! Spill! Let me know in the comments below, or stop by my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to give me the dish! :)

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  • Lizzie

    Love love this!! I definitely will be using Beautified!! ❤️