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3 Tips For Styling A Gallery Wall

March 17, 2015

One of my favorite parts of my apartment is my gallery wall.  I loved the process of finding all of the prints, picking out frames and it really changed the look of my living room!  After I featured my gallery wall on my Instagram, I got a ton of questions from people asking about how I styled it, found the prints and hung everything.  This week on the blog I’m doing a series of posts allllll about gallery walls, starting with my top three tips for creating your gallery wall style!


1.  Don’t rush! – When you get the itch to create a gallery wall, it can be tempting to run out and buy the first prints that you find.  BUT it always turns out MUCH better when you take your time curating pieces that you truly love.  Keep your eyes open at art fairs, flea markets, online boutiques and more to gather items that represent you and make you happy!

2.  Have a theme or vision – Although gallery walls are meant to look a little “thrown together”, I always feel they turn out better when you keep a theme or vision throughout the process of putting yours together.  Do you want different frame shapes and colors? Will all of your prints have a travel theme? Is there a color you want to highlight throughout your pieces?  How far across the wall will it span?  When you know the look you’re going for, you will have a much easier time picking frames, prints, etc. that you know will work together to reach your overall look!

3.  Explore your options – Gallery walls don’t need to just be prints and frames.  Some of my favorite that I’ve seen feature small statues, hanging vases, clocks and more to add dimension to the wall.  The more unique the item, the more visually appealing your gallery wall will look!  Even something as simple as a wooden initial can make a great addition and makes it personal to you.

How do you feel about gallery walls in home decor?  What have you found helps the style of a gallery wall? Fill me in!

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