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How To Hang A Gallery Wall {In One Try!}

March 19, 2015


Once you’ve figured out the style of your gallery wall and gathered some amazing pieces, it’s time to get your gallery wall hung up on the wall!  With so many pieces, it can be an extremely tedious process if you don’t take the time to hang it correctly.  I mean… no one wants to get the whole thing hung up and then realize that it’s off center or crooked! Yikes!

With a bit of preparation and work, you can get your gallery wall hung up without making multiple holes, re-hanging and saving tons of time! Here are the steps I took to easily hang my gallery wall in one try!



Step one is to lay out your artwork on the floor and arrange them in a way that looks visually appealing to you {I got a little help during this step from Bug ;) }. There are a few things to consider – do you want the top to be completely even? Or will your gallery wall angle? Do you want more of an uneven edge?  The options are endless!

Once you have your layout finalized, cut out paper {I used grocery sacks} in the shape/size of your artwork. Use these paper cutouts to tape to the wall and make sure the pieces are level, spaced correctly, etc.  Finally, mark the top corners of the paper with pencil so you have a guide while hanging.  If you’re nailing into the wall, you can nail directly over the paper and rip it off once you’re done!


Voila! You’ve got a perfectly hung gallery wall on your first try! Will you be giving this a try? Let me know on Instagram and Twitter!

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