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Perfect Single-Serve Iced Coffee

September 3, 2015


So don’t get me wrong.  I am all about the #TreatYoSelf mentality and think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to your favorite coffee {iced & black for me, please!}.  Even so, there was a point a few weeks ago where I realized I was spending waaaay too much on my morning coffee! I drink iced coffee year round.  I mean, there’s like a 5 minute window with hot drinks where you can actually drink them before they get lukewarm and yucky – no thanks!  I have a perfectly good single-serve coffee maker in my apartment that wasn’t getting much lovin’, so I set out to master the perfect iced coffee from the Keurig.  After lots of trial and error, I’ve figured out the perfect recipe for single-serve iced coffee, saving you time, money & trips to the coffee shop!



First, pick out a dark roast coffee K-Cup to use in your single-serve coffee maker.  A few of my favorites are the Starbucks Café Verona, Caribou Mahogany Roast or the Trader Joe’s Italian Dark Roast coffee pods.  Next, make sure your coffee maker has multiple water settings {most do}.  You will want to use a dark roast coffee pod over the smallest brew size.  Fill your glass full with ice, insert your dark roast K-Cup and press the smallest brew button to start the machine.  By brewing such a dark roast over a small brew size, you are basically making an extremely strong small batch of coffee that when watered down slightly by the ice will make the perfect strength of iced coffee.

Now comes the fun part – spicing up your iced coffee with your fixings!  My must-haves are a splash of almond milk and Born Sweet® Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener.  Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener has no artificial ingredients or funny aftertaste.  I usually find that a half packet is the perfect amount for me, but definitely adjust based on your coffee preferences!  Even better?  You can get a free sample of Zing Stevia Sweetener – you read that right, free!

So fill me in – how do you like your coffee?!  Sweetened?  Black?  Lots and lots of almond milk?  Let me know in the comments below, and if you have any favorite types of coffee then share, please! :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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