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Twenty Sixteen {+ Update}

February 1, 2016


Well hello there, beautiful internet friends!  It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?!  You may have noticed I took a brief hiatus from this little blog of mine, so I wanted to spend some time talking about why I took time off, 2016 {so far} and what you can expect from my corner of the internet.

The reason for my lack of posting is simple – I needed a break!  Between the holidays, traveling, focusing on my relationships and being a generally busy human, I just wasn’t able to dedicate the time and attention that a blog requires.  You might be thinking, “But Lindsey, how much time does a blog really take?!  All you need to do is snap a few photos, type a few words and BOOM.”  Sadly, that is far from true {although it would be pretty great if it were that easy}.  Between taking original, high quality images, creating digital graphics, writing copy, editing the copy/photos, properly linking all sources, responding to brand and PR emails… the list goes on and on!  Obviously I absolutely love blogging and all that comes with it, but it is definitely like a full-time job.  Simply put?  I was burnt out, uninspired and needed some quality time off!

Since I’ve been gone for over a month, here are some updates on what’s been happening:

  • I had a fabulous holiday and New Year’s!  I was able to spend time with family and friends, and truly enjoy some time off.
  • January was insanely busy – can you believe it’s already over?!  I did some traveling, attended some exciting events and had a busy month at work.  I’m ready for February!
  • I completed the Whole 30 challenge!  It was an awesome experience and definitely helped me rethink my approach to food.  Also, I discovered some amazing new recipes!  I’ll definitely be sharing more food posts over the next few months.  Would you want an entire post dedicated to Whole 30?
  • The chilly Minneapolis winter is officially underway!  My favorite blanket and fuzzy socks have been getting a lot of love. ;)


Last year I did a post on my Twenty Fifteen resolutions, and I’m happy to say that I accomplished nearly all of them!  I absolutely love making New Year’s resolutions and goals, so I wanted to share just a few of mine for Twenty Sixteen:

  • Make my bed every day – I used to never do this, and so far I have stuck with it!  It makes a HUGE difference!
  • Read 12 books in 12 months
  • Keep a regular journal to reflect and decompress
  • Travel to two new places I’ve never been – I’ve already booked VEGAS, and I think San Francisco is on the horizon as well!
  • Be knowledgeable and informed regarding the upcoming Presidential election, and be able to defend the candidate of my choice.

After my time away, I’m feeling refreshed and inspired!  I am totally about quality over quantity, so I would never slap up a half-a$$ed blog post.  Lucky for all of you, I have plenty of exciting content coming your way!  You won’t want to miss it! :)

How are your resolutions going so far?  Hope your 2016 is off to a FABULOUS start!

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