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5 Secrets Makeup Artists Don’t Tell You

June 23, 2016



I get tons of questions from friends, readers of my blog and even acquaintances about tips for makeup application.  Makeup is such a personal thing, and there are so many different ways to apply and wear makeup for your own liking.  Between my previous makeup application training and consistent product research, I have picked up a bunch of tips to achieve a flawless makeup look.  Since I totally love all things beauty and makeup, I’m always more than happy to share my recommendations and advice with those who ask.  Surprisingly, there are a few tricks that make a huge difference that I’m always shocked by how few people know about!  In today’s blog post, I’m sharing my top 5 secrets that makeup artists don’t tell you but will TOTALLY change your makeup game.

  1. Do your eye makeup first This one is such an easy change, and I’m always SO surprised by how many people have never heard this advice.  Think about it – if you do your foundation first, spend time getting it looking flawless and then do your eyes you can totally ruin it by fall out from your eye shadow, a messed up eyeliner wing or a number of other possible problems.  By switching the order and doing your eye makeup first, you can simply wipe away any fall out or unclean lines with a tissue and then move on to your foundation.  In my opinion, it helps make both your eye and face makeup look more clean and professionally done.
  2. Prime, prime, prime! – Most of the questions I get when it comes to makeup center around how to get a smooth, even looking makeup look.  No one wants patchy looking foundation or eye shadow that creases throughout the day!  I always recommend a primer, especially an eye primer and face primer.  Not only does it help your makeup apply smoothly and evenly, but it helps your makeup last all day long {even in the heat}!
  3. It’s not you, it’s your brushes – So often people tell me they “don’t know how to do their makeup,” and then when I ask them what brushes they use they look at me with a confused look.  If you are using those brushes you use in a cheap kit {or even worse those little sponge, or no brushes at all} you are seriously doing yourself a disservice!  You don’t need 50 different brushes do do your makeup, but you do need at least a few high quality brushes each with an intended use.  I would recommend at least two eye shadow brushes, a powder brush, a bronzer blush and a blush brush.  Even easier?  Pick up a brush set so you have all the basics you’ll need for a flawless face!  You may think you can get away without, but I promise you your makeup will thank you when you invest in a few quality brushes!
  4. Spend a bit more on what’s important to you – This one may seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people skimp in areas that they complain about.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about finding great products at the drugstore but also like to spend a little more when it makes sense.  Think about your makeup look, and pick 2-3 things that you care most about.  For me lately, I want flawless skin, glossy lips and bold eyelashes.  Since those areas are my priority, I tend to spend a bit more on a glowy CC cream, my favorite lipgloss and a great mascara.  That means I usually go a little cheaper on my blush or lipstick.  Everyone’s focus areas will be different, so choose what’s important for you and don’t be scared to spend a little bit more to get a high quality product!
  5. It’s an art, not a science – The thing with makeup is that it’s SO subjective – what one person loves another might hate!  I could tell you a million tips or tricks, but there really are no rules.  If anyone tries to tell you there’s a right and a wrong way to do makeup, they are taking themselves a bit too seriously.  With makeup, feel free to experiment, try things out, make mistakes and try again.  It’s only makeup and at the end of the day you just wash it off, so make it fun and unique to you!

What are your favorite makeup tips?  Let me know in the comments below!


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